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“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Felicia at SpaceX. She brings a refreshing style coupled with her in depth experience to organizations to address management and training issues. She understands the needs of organizations that are in growth mode or just in need of realignment. Since then, I have contracted with Felicia to develop and present an instructor-led custom training course to meet statutory requirements. The reception of her training style and material was well received by both Management, Engineering and Production employees. I would recommend Felicia for any organization serious about building effective leaders, or creating high functioning and engaged cultures.”

Gregg Owens, Quality and Safety, Aerospace Startup

“Felicia brings expert perspective and guidance, along with a lot of warmth and humor, to every session she teaches. I know we’ll have a good training when she’s at the helm, and our Associates look forward to participating when Felicia will be leading. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 


Laura Small, VP/People Director,

“We have worked with Felicia  on many ETP projects ranging from $250,000 to 1.2 million dollars for her various clients.They are certainly getting beyond what they ask for with Felicia. She has many great ideas and most are unique; certainly not out of a box. Her solutions are practical and have given each client long lasting effects that the trainees can build on through their careers.”

Maggie Menzel, VP of Operations and Clients, Training Funding Source

“Felicia’s Harassment Avoidance in the Workplace program goes far beyond what employers and HR professionals standardly expect from a compliance training requirement. Not only does she teach the steps to preventing and eliminating sexual harassment, she teaches core servant leadership skills of listening, empathy, and awareness – the behaviors that create the conditions necessary for a great place to work. A workplace that is free of the behaviors that threaten individual sense of security, happiness, and connection to others. Her course leaves companies and managers well versed in the legal regulations and more deeply committed to sustaining and/or creating a workplace that appreciates diversity, collaboration, and gracious human interaction.  I highly recommend Felicia to any company regardless of size or industry. Her approach is educational but not preachy, practical, and engaging.”

Karen Gifford,
Chief HR Officer, Califia Farm

“My company used Felicia for our Respect in the Workplace training. The program Felicia developed for us was really engaging. My employees are a rough crowd and I was impressed that she was able to get so many to participate. Several employees made a point to let me know that they were dreading attending the program but were surprised when the program was enjoyable, interesting, and informative. Felicia did a great job of tailoring the presentation to my employees and our manufacturing environment.  Providing training in both English and Spanish was critical for us and Felicia provided another trainer who provided the presentation in Spanish. I will definitely use Felicia again and whole heartedly recommend her to others!”



Bobbi (Barbara) Montelone
CEO, Calmont Wiring



“I first met Felicia when we worked together at a previous company. Felicia has always been a strong facilitator who really knows how to keep her audiences interested while delivering the message that needs to be conveyed. I have since reached out to her to conduct training sessions for our team at my new company.”

Marielle Angers,
HR Executive

“We brought Felicia in for a full day training with our marketing team and were pleased with our investment. We walked away with a greater understanding of individual and team strengths and weaknesses, and subsequently saw a dramatic improvement in team communication based upon our findings. Felicia also worked one on one with our marketing manager on leadership and communication over a 6 month period with exceptional results.”

Alan Breslauer, Former CMO at Michelman & Robinson, LLP

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